Furniture Solutions

Luxfolio Retreats know how important furnishing is and how much of a difference a well-designed home can make to holiday home, we have an interior design team dedicated to make your apartment, villa or penthouse stand out. Our specialists offer budget to high-end furnishing options that fit your property, taste and the markets target. Let us work out the cost of furnishing for style, practicality and comfort.

Call us for a quote from our team today, no vision is too big or small.


Balance is Key

Furnishing your unit correctly can directly effect higher nightly fees, positive reviews and repeat and referral business. Positive reviews from clients result in more bookings, that’s why it’s crucial to furnish your property correctly, maximising space, comfort, practicality and style.


Interior Design

Interior design can be challenging to get right, that’s why we have a team of professionals ready to help pick out what works for your property. We focus on maximising space, finding the right sized furniture for each room, as well as adding soft furnishings to bring the property alive. You can completely transform your home with the correct design and layout, we take on the challenge of picking out the items, organizing the shipping and delivery, and putting together each room.


Design Solutions

All properties vary with different layouts and style, we understand the importance of understanding what each property requires. A stylish penthouse keeping it’s sleek feel will need a different feel to a warm family villa, attention to detail is where we specialise.